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AT&T U-verse® TV
Starting at $29.00 a month for 6 months
Up to $30 OFF A MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS (plus taxes and fees)

  • Record up to 4 shows at once on a single DVR
  • Up to 440 Channels available
  • Access to over 320 HD Channels & growing
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Starting at $14.95/mo.** for 12 mos.
(with 1 yr term commitment when bundled with qualifying voice service)

  • Download Speeds up to 45 Mbps available
  • Includes on-the-go access to the entire national AT&T WiFi Hotspot network, at no extra charge
  • Anti-Virus and Email Protection Included
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AT&T U-verse Voice 200
Starting at $20/mo when bundled with U-verse Internet or TV

  • 200 minutes per month of nationwide calling in the US and U.S. Territories
  • Includes over 20 features, with advanced features that integrate with U-verse TV, Internet and Wireless
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 AT&T is among the United States’ oldest corporations. It began as the parent company of the Bell System, which dominated phone service for decades. AT&T became a telecommunications service and equipment company.

Today, AT&T is no longer concentrated only on conventional telephone service in the United States, but now they deliver networking products and high speed internet services to a global market, including Eastlake, OH. AT&T offers services for digital TV, fiber optic and DSL internet, and course, the home phone.


Eastlake, OH AT&T U-verse® - The Future of Home Entertainment

AT&T’s latest scientific advances are seen in their Eastlake AT&T U-verse services. With all the latest fiber optic and computer networking technology OH AT&T U-verse offers digital TV, high speed internet and phone services that are more trustworthy and offer better quality than in the past.

Eastlake, OH AT&T U-verse® Digital TV Services

AT&T is also expanding into TV services. They have 390 channels with digital sound and picture. Numerous channels AT&T offers are broadcast in high definition (HD). Their Eastlake, OH U-verse TV service is provided through Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), which is cutting-edge technology.

Presently AT&T U-verse TV service is available many states, but AT&T is extending its TV service continuously. Meaning increasing numbers of people throughout the country are now able to enjoy enhanced TV viewing with features like DVR service and On Demand movies and programs.

Eastlake, OH AT&T Internet Service - DSL & U-verse Internet Options

Eastlake, OH AT&T High Speed Internet services consist of:

  • Fiber Optic Enhanced High Speed Internet
  • Mobile Internet Service
  • Home DSL Internet Packages
  • Free Anti-virus and Email Protection
  • Download speeds of 1.5 to 18 Mbps

AT&T provides DSL broadband internet together with their new U-verse high speed internet service. Eastlake, OH AT&T customers can obtain high speed internet at home or at any of the thousands of WI-FI hot spots. AT&T is the country’s largest Wi-Fi network.

A variety of plans are available to ensure customers can tailor-make their plan to meet their internet speed needs while staying in their budgets.


Eastlake, OH AT&T Phone Plans

AT&T has been in the home phone business for around one hundred years. They have the same reliable connection they have for years and superb customer service. Their Eastlake, OH home phone service presents many plans, giving customers many options for finding the phone plan they are searching for.


Eastlake, OH customers can choose flat rate plans where features and unlimited calling can be part of the plan or customers can choose to have measured rate service. With measured rate service the rate is dependent upon the volume of calls made and the time spent talking.

Whether or not you desire a phone plan that's all-inclusive or just the basics, AT&T has your home phone needs covered.


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